VIA DESIGNER SHOW HOUSE 2018 - We are Getting Ready!

The Village Improvement Association, (VIA) Rehoboth Beach, Delaware along with thirteen design professionals are remodeling the Kadow House, at 42 Pennsylvania Avenue, Rehoboth Beach into a “Design Showcase”. We are diligently working on transforming the Foyer, Dining Room, Second Floor Staircase and Hall. The house will be open to the public beginning Thursday, April 26, 2018 at 10.00 am.

Rehoboth Beach is a vibrant, picturesque beach town known for its laid back coastal lifestyle.  Many of its homes are done in a beautiful coastal style meant to display their surroundings. An excess of beach tones however, can sometimes mean missing an opportunity to represent the home owner’s personal taste, passions and style. Peter E Designs specializes in creating fully personalized environments that mirror our client’s unique individuality. We are adept at merging the taste and values of the individual and often their family members to help forge a unified space. For the Show House we are fusing a love of coastal design with a passion for industrial style. We will be including pieces of art, traditional elements and touches of modern accents that display our versatility.

The reimagined Foyer will convey the essence and emotions inspired by a sun kissed wind-swept sea shore. We are crafting a functional environment that is welcoming, warm, one that celebrates the beach and coastal living while incorporating elements of industrial design.  Here are quick glimpses.

Follow us on instagram (peteredesigns) to see the final results of the Foyer, plus a first-hand look at the many successful spaces we “evolutionize”.

Peter E


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