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Welcome to the peter e designs' Blog. Here we talk design.

I am Peter E. I have been an Interior Designer/Architect for over 20 yrs. I have experience in designing from the ground up; conceptualization, architectural plans, interior design detailing and decorations. In recent years we have been employing  our Architectural, Interior Design and Construction knowledge in our specialty of Construction Design. Hence we are Interior Designers skillfully using this knowledge and experience hand in hand in providing a start to finish service, transforming space into functioning, uniquely evolved personal environments.

With this blog we aim to educate and interact with the end users of great design – you. It is my belief that the investment in a quality interior is an investment in the quality of life for decades to come. Jamaicans invest a lot in their buildings and interior environments. Sadly, often the investment is not realized; fail to function and is wasted in costly mistakes and do overs. The input of a qualified Interior Design Specialist can result in a functional, beautiful space where every dollar is carefully invested in time tested materials, equipment and finishes purposefully selected to suit their use and your space.

Peter E Blogs will therefore:

  1. Get to the core of some fundamental design issues affecting making space not merely beautiful, but functional.
  2. Discuss materials both old and new on the market - their inherent strengths and weaknesses. The life of any project is greatly influenced by using purpose-fitted materials and finishes. 
  3. Occasionally we will take you onsite a project. Share our challenges and solutions. 
  4.  Share what influences, motivates, and guide me. I’ll even introduce you to some of my friends.

We are here to serve you. Your comments and questions are welcome. We thank you also for sharing our page with others. I look forward to forging solid relationships with you as we discuss these issues.

So Lets Talk Design

Peter E.


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