The Bathroom Dilemma (Part II) - Planning Your Perfect Bathroom

There’s no debating that the bathroom is one of the most important and most frequently used spaces in your home. Hence, it should be giving priority in your planning a home - whether it’s new construction, renovation, or refurbishing. The options and possibilities open to creating a functional bathroom that pamper, refreshes and is uniquely yours are almost limitless. Your designer can help you navigate these options in creating your tailor-made bathroom environment.

Here are some essentials to consider when planning your perfect bathroom.

  1. Family Size – The size of your family and guest provisions should determine the quantity, types and size of your bathrooms. For instance how many full baths do you need? Can you consider three/quarter baths or a half bath /powder room for guest use, when you entertain. 
  2. Bathroom Occupancy Level – The more people using a bathroom, the larger it should be. as well the more storage it should have. Consideration should be given to increasing the number of electrical outlets and perhaps even the number of fixtures.
  3. Will the bathroom have multiple users at the same time? - This is vital, as you made need to compartmentalize the bathroom for personal privacy or adding additional fixtures. In the picture below can you imagine the convenience and time saved when these children need to get ready for school, going out and bed?
  4. Budget – Your budget will determine a lot about the style, type and finishes for bathroom fixtures. One way of saving money is to have a single wet wall. (This putting all fixtures requiring water along the same wall). However, more than economics should come into play. Thought must be given function and human comfort. 
  5. Building Codes – There are numerous building codes regulating bathroom design, fixture quality, clearances, finishes and waste disposal. These may vary from state to state and country to country. Building codes are minimum standards written for personal protection, human comfort and environmental health and preservation. I advise than whenever and wherever possible, you should strive to operate above the codes minimums, never below.

As a qualified Interior Designer, Peter E Designs is at your disposal in putting our knowledge to use in creating your fully functioning personalized bathroom environment. If you’ve found this information useful, be sure to forward and share it with friends. In addition join us next week Thursday, 2013 April 25 for Part III of this Article. Like us on Facebook and see our full bathroom series.

Remember your bathroom isn’t just space. It’s a living machine catering to yours needs, with ability to be a unique expression of you while be seriously extraordinary.

Peter E.


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