What is Interior Design?

What is Interior Design?

Lobby, ICU Cornwall Regional Hospital - Designed by Peter E Designs. 

 Interior Design is the Science and Art of sculpting space into functional, aesthetically pleasing environments where we work, live and play. The Designer uses their technical knowledge of construction coupled with creative flare to create workable solutions to their client’s everyday and unique needs and problems. An environment that is safe, practical and attractive and meets the requirements of its owner and users is the paramount aim of the profession of Interior Design.  

An interior designer must be an expert in space planning and be able to graphically communicate their concepts and ideas to clients and tradesmen. They use an in-depth knowledge of materials and finishes to fit them to purpose; for optimum use, durability and sustainability. A balanced living environment is thus achieved by the manipulation of color, texture, lighting, scale and other factors interacting in perfect harmony. Interior designers also adhere to safety, structural requirements for their designs to work, building codes and other technical stipulations.

A qualified designer will analyze the needs and goals of their client and prepare concept drawings and sketches to meet those goals. They will developed color schemes, materials and finishes as well as specify furniture, fixtures, equipment and millwork. 

ICU After
ICU Before
 Further, the designer will check the design’s compliance to all safety, health and building code requirements. Designers may also prepare project budgets, constructions document (including but not limited to working drawings and specifications), as well as collaborate with other professionals such as architects and engineers and provide project oversight in accomplishing the finished product.

ICU, Cornwall Regional Hospital - Designed by Peter E Designs

As a qualified interior designer it is always my aim to use my knowledge to transform space and light into functioning, fully evolved, uniquely personal environments. Yes creating the backdrops where our lives unfold.


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