Happy 2018

Building Solid Relationships in 2018
Our Message for You!!!

It took one millisecond for 2017 to blossom into 2018. Soon, seconds tick into minutes; minutes fuse into hours; hours mix into days; days melt into weeks; weeks blend into months and months will forge into a year. 2017 brought blessings and new challenges; we loved, we lost; we triumph, we failed, we laughed, we cried, we worked, we played - it’s all a year in our lives.  2018 is a New Year for new life and fresh opportunities. Promise yourself to laugh more than you cry, and dance more than you sit it out, to listen more than you speak, to dream, to aspire and most of all to LIVE.

We urge you to remember these basics for a better year:

  1. Embrace Love even in the face of lost. The people we love aren’t always there to love. Say “I love you” as often as you can.
  2. The fear of failure, is the beginning of a life un-lived. Take changes and embrace opportunities. 
  3. May the decision to live consciously, always being aware of whom you are. No matter the hand dealt in 2018, decide to be happy.
  4. Hope for the best and guard your health, it’s your most valuable possession.
  5. Nurture your inner strength and use practical wisdom in making decisions.
  6. Remember to cherish your relationships. No man is an island. Life is only worth living based on the people in it. “The greatest things in life are not things.”

The interval between birth and death is living. My 2018 wish for you, is that you will choose to live; to love; to laugh; to smell; to taste and see that life is good. You deserve far more than to simply exist.

For our part, PETER E DESIGNS will continue to forge solid relationships, as we transform space into functional, fully evolved personal environments that enrich and nurture the experience of living. Feel free to use our talents this year in creating the stage where your life will unfold

Peter E.

Wishing You a Fantastic Year!!!


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