Why an Interior Designer?

It is said that “your home is your castle”. Le Corbusier stated that “a building is a living machine

I am a firm believer of both. We live in an ever changing world, where change is the only constant we know. It is impossible for us to control this change or the many environments to which we are daily exposed. Schools, offices, shopping centers, hospitals, airports and other public facilities are designed to suit society’s norms. They are not specifically designed for you - your needs, your pleasure, your ego. Hence your home is truly your castle since it can be completely personalized and sculpted to fit you.

If you are over 6’-2”, you will find using ABM’s (Automated Banking Machines) and other public facilities hard on the back. Over 250 pounds, you will find sitting in a movie theater quite uncomfortable or impossible. Your home can be customized to fit your, height, weight, mobility issues, lifestyles, and taste. Is your home truly your castle or do you feel like a guest in it? An Interior Designer can help.

“A building is a living machine”

A properly designed building is crafted for function. It operates and adapts to the needs of its occupants. It is designed around your way of life, your needs, idiosyncrasies, taste and style. It’s created to refresh, rejuvenate, entertain and pamper your soul. A great Interior Designer will sculpt an interior environment that is uniquely an extension of you.

Your ’living machine’ will pamper you for years and greatly enhance your lifestyle and the quality of life you enjoy within the walls you call home. We are the difference between a house and a home, a habitat and a fully evolved personal environment. 

The results you get from the expertise, knowledge and experience of a qualified Interior Designer cannot be achieved by a housewife with great taste or by an untrained professional offering a bargain. Ask yourself; Even if the colors blend and the textures compliment will it function? Will it fulfill my needs year after year? Will it enhance my lifestyle and function around me. Will it be sustainable and easy to maintain? Will selections and materials be purpose fitted to use and location? How much money will I waste in costly mistakes and do over’s? Will my investment be spent as efficiently as it could?

Interior Design is a science and an art that works hard day after day and year after year, to function and satisfy the needs, wants and lifestyle of individuals while reflecting their values, taste and status. It pampers, nurtures, supports and enriches the experience of living. Could you use an Interior Designer today?

Peter E


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